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Greetings everyone,

I'll try to make this as brief as possible, so please bear
with me! For those that don't already know, Spring Zing 2001
is a national weekend convention for Taurus SHO and Ford
Contour owners, taking place in Kalamazoo, Michigan from April
27-29 2001. Our base cost for this event is $30, which goes
towards the banquet fees. All other events are pay on spot
(or free), so attendees can pick and choose which events
they'd like to do. For complete information (including
printable registration forms) please visit the Spring Zing
2001 site at

Here's a quick rundown of the weekend activities:

Friday April 27th: Welcoming Day, Lane Automotive in
Watervliet Michigan, 2pm-4pm. Lane Auto is a HUGE aftermarket
parts warehouse, and they'll be giving tours of their
facility, giving out free hats, and playing host to all the
Spring Zing attendees. They will also have their showroom
open and they'll be stocked with go-fast goodies for the SHO &
Contour and they'll be offering special pricing on items as
well. There will be representatives on hand from SEVERAL
companies including Vibrant Performance, Ford Racing, SVT &

There will also be SEVERAL specialty show cars on display,
including a 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R, A Humvee & other
surprises. This will also be the DEBUT for two new specialty
cars being built by TAH Automotive of
these cars are available at the Spring Zing website. The best
part...ALL of these vehicles on display at Lane Automotive
will be ACTIVE with us throughout the entire weekend! No
trailers, no fear, just driving fun!

After the welcoming day at Lane Automotive we'll proceed to
Roxy's drive inn in St. Joseph for for an evening of SHOing
off. Though not an official car show, expect the atmosphere
to be very show oriented, as Roxy's is a 50's style drive inn
that's no stranger to car clubs!

Saturday is our touring & crusing/dyno day option. Option 1:
We have 15 total slots at Baker Engineering Inc. near Grand
Rapids Michigan for dyno runs on Saturday...those spots are
divided up into three sections, 5 spots for SHO owners, 5 for
Contour owners, and 5 for SVT Contour owners. Cost for this
is $35, and the dyno spots are issued on a first come/first
serve basis. The sooner you send in your convention fee, the
better chance you have of getting a dyno slot. As of this
update there are STILL slots available, so if you're
interested in this you should send in your convention fee

Other options for Saturday include:

Daytime Fun Run-Tour the winding Roads of South West Michigan
making a stop at the Gilmore Classic Automobile Museum. (Cost
is $5 for the Museum, which will be open EXCLUSIVELY to us)

Sponsors Midway-Saturday afternoon after the tours meet the
people who helped make Spring Zing happen, view products from
various manufacturers and performance shops including Doug and
Cathy from Performance Plus in Madison Wisconsin, who will be
attending the convention and showcasing some of their quality
SHO items.

The Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum-Cost is $8

Formula-K Family Fun Park, Go Karts, sprint carts, NAScarts
and Grand Prix carts, bumper boats, batting cages, Mini-Golf,
game room etc... Cost is how ever much you want to spend!

7:00PM - The Spring Zing 2001 Banquet. Good Food, Guest
Speakers, Door Prize Raffles, Good Spirits! We have many nice
door prizes to give away, including 89 & 91 Taurus SHO model
kits and promotional vehicles, SHO Factory CD service manual,
deluxe professional car care kits from Car Brite Inc. and MUCH

Sunday is race day, with the 1st annual Spring Zing Cup, SCCA
SOLO 2 autocross, held right in Kalamazoo. We'll have EIGHT
special classes for the SHO & Contour for this autocross, they

89-95 Taurus SHO Stock
89-95 Taurus SHO Modified
96-99 Taurus SHO Stock
96-99 Taurus SHO Modified
95-00 Contour/Mystique Stock
95-00 Contour/Mystique Modified
98-00 SVT Stock
98-00 SVT Modified

Participants also wanting to run in normal SCCA classes can do
so. Winners from each class will get trophies and the driver
with the lowest overall run time of the day will be declared
the Spring Zing Cup Champion and be presented a special
Trophy. Cost $20 to run, free to watch.

Deadline for Spring Zing registration is March 31st, so if
you're interested in attending this convention, you should
send in your payment & registration form ASAP!

Please note that this is just a part of Spring Zing! We have
many extras and surprises that we are keeping under wraps for
Spring Zing attendees (and at the request of specific
individuals/companies involved). I personally guarantee this
weekend convention will be a thoroughly enjoyable time for one
and all!

And I want to stress that Spring Zing is NOT a Contour
Convention, but a fast 4 door Ford weekend for BOTH SHO and
Contour enthusiasts alike! I hope there isn't any confusion
in this matter...there will definitely be plenty for the SHO
enthusiast to see/do/participate in!

The SVT/SHO Society of West Michigan is only a year old, but
we're a group of enthusiasts who are extremely dedicated and
are ready to work hard to make things happen for fellow SHO
enthusiasts. In one year we've grown from 8 members to 45, and
that's a testament to our dedication. Spring Zing has become
much bigger than we ever expected, and we're very excited to
offer a weekend of camaraderie and fun for SHO enthusiasts!

Please visit the official Spring Zing website at:

for complete info, including a printable registration form. I
hope to see some of you in April!

Best Regards,
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