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Springs: Susp. Tech., Intrax or GC?

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Anyone has Suspension Techniques springs on here? I just sold my H&R springs cuz I wanted a bigger drop, I know ST supposed to give you a 2" drop. Im kinda undecided between these, Intrax, and Ground Control coilovers. Opinions please!

P.S. Im getting Tokico Illuminas with the springs...
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huh? ST won't give you a 2.0 drop i think it's more like the Eibach's

go with the Sprint 1.8 inch drop !
over time they settle more to 2.0inch's they handle great and look good not to mention they are quality... i have heard about them and seen them up close in person well made....
Well GC's or Intrax will give you the most drop.. I also believe Sprint springs will give 1.8 inches.. that's what i'm going to be putting on mine..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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