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My F150 will not start. I turned the key and there is a loud ticking sound coming from the starter solenoid. I went to the auto parts store and bought a brand new one. I installed it and tried starting it. And again, the loud ticking sound was coming from the brand new solenoid. My friend and me hook up the battery charger to the battery and the ticking is still there. We tried unhooking the battery and hooked the charger straight to the connectors and every other battery/connector combination out there. Still no luck. But also there are sparks coming from the coil while we tried push starting it. But again, no luck. Please help. I live in Florida so leave the cold weather factor out of it.

i'm not sure the year of the truck but i found from97 and up style have a habit of corroding off the heavy live wire to the starter causing a bad connection and sometimes making a clicking noise. try checking that wire right at the starter.
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