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Starting it off

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Just thought I'd break this forum in...
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congrats on becoming a moderator mikey!

now if you would only show up for club meets more often (since you still have your GL!) :p
I'm no moderator... and I'll show up one of these days, just need to have a good meet! ;)


Great times with the Eaton Blown Saleen. I'm running the AED kit on my '95 4.6L T-Bird LX. Originally it was pullied for 6-psi of boost and it made 273.8 RWHP and 336 lbs.-ft. of torque at the wheels (STD correction). This was with a stock block 4.6L, 30 lb./hr. injectors, a Lightning 80mm MAF and a custom EEC-V computer reflashed by an ex-Ford engineer.

That was good for 13.84 @ 101.14 mph on street tires. Keep in mind that it went 16.51 @ 84.64 mph it's very first time down the track (bone stock). I'm now running 10 psi of boost thanks to a custom pulley made from ASP. Magnuson products were a pain in the ass in this department. I have a newer EEC installed (new program) for a safer A/F ratio (I still think I'm lean though) and I was hoping for some low 13's with drag radials.

12's @ 108 mph is way faster than I'll ever reach with these garbage heads (non-PI) and cams, but what boost psi are your running?

Just curious, thanks.

Not ready to rip it apart...yet
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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