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Starting it off

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Hey everyone,
I saw that no one has put much in the Taurus section, so I figured I'd start off. I have a Silver '98 Taurus SE with the 24v Duratec Engine. My current mods include: Hella Optilux 1500 Fog Lights, K&N Panel Air Filter, Blue Turn Sigs, Bluish Headlight Bulbs, and not a bad system (2 10" Sony Xplod Subs running off an Alpine T-406 Amp). Features on the car when we bought it were: Leather, Sunroof, Mach Audio, Clarion 6-Disc Changer, Alum. Wheels, Dual Exhaust, and of course it's a floor-shift tranny.

I've got some pics that I will post as soon as they are developed.

Hope to hear about some of your cars....
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Yea, the Taurus/SHO area is DEADsville. It started off well. Hey Mods, where are you at????
Hey I just joined on recently too. I also have a silver frost 1998 Taurus SE with the 24V Duratec engine. My mods are in my signature. I love the way this engine powers me to victory in many races. Also eightball, if you check out, you can check out the intake that they offer. The sound when you push the throttle is awesome. It sounds like a V8 under the hood.
Mods are here....I was just out of town for a couple of days and a bit busy at work!

Good to see Taurii gents here. I'll get this section moving in the next few days.

Gotta love modding the Taurus, SHO or not....

I've got numerous modifications, some under the hood....some not.

Pics are linked below...

More later...
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Mods are here....making sure everyone's playing nice. :^)
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