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I have a 2003 ZTS Focus that in warm weather( 80 degrees and above) has an abnormally stiff clutch pedal the first time it's pushed down. When this first started happening the car had 28000 miles and only acted up when the temps were in the 90's and then only after I had driven down the interstate for about 35 miles.

All last fall and thru spring of 2006 (while temps were below 60 degrees), the clutch was perfectly normal. Once temps started hitting 70's this spring problem started back up. Dealer has replaced clutch master cylinder and said they bled the hydraulics as well as flushed the fluid.

Though most of the time it just acts like a very heavy duty clutch or like the fluid has frozen up making it hard to push the peadl) there are a few times it gets so stiff it really startles me. But then after pushing clutch in and out a couple times it goes back to normal. Also it now does this even driving in the city.

A this point, the dealer says they have not been able to verify the problem when test drivng the car abd refuse to drop the transaxle to inspect clutch.

Anyone have any ideas as to what they think is causing this most bizzare problem?

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