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Hey all I'm still around!! Sorry I haven't been on AOL or PT I know its down and I just really remember about this place!

Well anyway I have been MIA for awhile because I have been trying to find a job and to honestly say they are SPOOTING outragously scarce. I have been spending most of my days driving around looking for work and to no avail I have yet to find anything and that is my major concern now!

To everyone I have not forgotten anyone!! Don, Greg, Travis you still my boyz!!! You too Kenny!! Baxter I haven't forgotten about you and you are first on my list of things to do!! Once I get things rolling!! Michele and Nikki you both are still in my heart and prayers!! To all of my NEPO family I miss you all teribly and can't wait to see you all again!

As far as being the "Goodie Whore" I still can get stuff made it will just take alittle longer being the holiday season! Just email me and I'll get things done! Nikki and Mario I have your hats I just have to send them! Sorry it has taken me so long! Things are crazy and I'm trying to keep my head on with out goind insane!!

To everyone thanks for being there and for being in NEPO!!!
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