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Howdy Rev heads,

Has anyone had any dealings with Stirling performance in Brisbane?
Ive noticed their Ad in the Parts Peddler and they seem to have some good stuff at reasonable prices.


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Damn Pete you beat me to it!

I was wondering whether to pick up the new issue what with me being 'po and all. Glad I did though. First time they've advertised in print to my knowledge and I am glad because they sound like just the mob we need to buy parts for our Fords. Doing some quick searching on-line failed to find a hit for them even in the White Pages which was surprising.

As a Ford/Windsor/Mustang info junkie what caught my eye was their 347 stroker kit part selection. Now from my 4 years experience as a bench racer ;) I know a good piston when I read about one and Probe is definitely one of them. This brand would have been specifically selected for use in the kit as Probe don't flog their parts to every 2 bit parts place. If my instincts are right this is 'A Good Thing' (tm) for Aussies who know what they want and want to purchase locally (well at least without going o/s).

Will report back if I can contact them and get more info on range/prices.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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