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I am curious if anyone knows some stock perfomance numbers for a 97 PI. We have 4 at the agency I am at and have always wondered about performance numbers.

here is one of the 97's. We have since installed Whelen Strobe Light bars.... too coool


When NLECTC ran tests of the 1997 Police Vehicles the 1997 Ford CVPI showed zero to sixty times of 10.05 seconds, and a top speed of 129. The Camaro Police Package for the same year showed stock zero to sixty times of 6.51 seconds, and a top speed of 157.

Here is the NLECTC link, if you click on "vehicles" it will show year to year tests of the stock Police Package vehicles.

But from I have seen, the 1997 CVPI's were quicker than than..

Our tests showed zero to sixty times (stock) in the 8.6 range, quarter mile times in the low 16's.

I have two 1997 CVPI's, both ex Agency vehicles..

One has stock ported heads, and a 3.73 posi rear. It runs in the mid/low 15's at the track.

The other is completely stock except for the changes the Agency made to it. With the stock 3.27 rear it runs high 15's.
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