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A friend of mine had his 2005 Pursuit stolen from the car park of the West Lakes shopping centre in Adelaides north west 4 weeks ago in broad daylight.

The ute was black in color, with BOSS290V8AUTO and only had 2200km on the clock.
Registration was personalised South Australian plates "MOSS 01", there was also the plates the vehicle was initially registed with under the drivers seat, South Australian plates "XDS 205"
I will post a photo and the VIN, SIDO, ENG, numbers etc when i get them from my friend.
The engine has been enhanced with performance ECU, full Herrod exhaust, cold air intake, and it had a 4.11:1 diff ratio(standard is 3.45:1), which made it a quick ute.

My friend and i believe it was professional thieves, as the ute had a upgraded alarm system with 3 points of immobilisation(ECU,Ignition and starter), which we were told is very hard to bypass as well as the smartlock.
The ute was left unattended for approximately 1 hour, and the thieves left no evidence(ie broken key barrel etc), or it may have been taken away on a tow truck.

Can you please PM me or contact POLICE in your state if you know of anyone selling parts from a black FPV pursuit 2005, which you may believe to be stolen, including herrod enhancements which were on the vehicle when it was stolen.
SA Police believe this vehicle has been sent interstate, and maybe rebirthed.

All help is appreciated.
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