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Has anyone Built a 347 stroker on 95 mustang latley? I'm planning a major rebuild on my 95 mustang gt. So far I'm just kicking some idea's around. I was thinking about a 347 stroker or possibly a 351W. But I don't know if this is possible, I'm trying to keep it smog legal. Or maybe a GT-40 set up. If anyone has any info on this kinda stuff or just some cool (real life) idea's. Also any info on purchasing very reliable rebuilt major engine parts (ie, short block, long block, cylinder heads or packages). Remember I gotta keep it street legal for my little daily driver.


hey dude...i beleive in strokers...right now i'm stroking a 351w to a 425 ci...bore .060 and a 4.100 stroke...this is for a steet/bracket car...wtih trick flow wedgie heads, victor jr intake, demon 850, and a healthy ultra dyne mechnical roller cam she will make 550 ho and 545 ft/lbs torque...and most of all it will run on 93 octane pump gas because i kept the compression at 10:0.0...
now with your 302 a 347 kit would be a nice street machine...make sure you get a good machine shop to do your stroking...i'm from pensylvania and i still by all my stroking stuff from a machine shop in st charles should check his site and if you have any questions email them and ask for jason...tell him migraine told you to call...i talk with them almost every day...jason and his dad ronnie own the shop...ronnie is the ford mater when you call they always have time for you...and most of all there HONEST and they dont bowl **** you...they will answer all your questions dont cost nothing to talk with them...they will lead you the right way...hope i helped...have a nice day....

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