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Hi all,

The last few weeks my EL Falcon has started to be very stuttery upon take off. Especially when the car has been sitting there for a while (like 1st thing in the morning).

It is pretty bad up when you have to stop and start again in traffic until about 30mins of driving and then it goes away. Once it takes off and gets past the stuttering it runs well.

I had a similiar problem once before but nowhere near as bad as when I took off from a standing start the motor would hesitate. This was due to dirty fuel injectors which I had taken out and cleaned which fixed the problem. Now it is shocking! The car has only done 8000kms since they were cleaned.

Also the problem is not as bad when the tank is full.

Could I of been unlucky and obtained a very bad batch of fuel which has clogged up my car's insides (we are picky with which servo's we go to)?
Or could it be just something simple like the fuel filter requiring replacement?

I just hope it is not the injectors again as they cost a bit to get cleaned out.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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i'd start at the simple cheaper consumables..
Fuel filter, air filter, plugs and leads etc

Failing that it might be the coil breaking down when its cold, i have seen that before..

Try a warmer thermostat for winter although i've not seen a EF/EL be that sensitive to the cold it might be worth a go for the price of a thermostat

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Could also be a fuel pump issue. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

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im having this exact problem now with my EB, and i've bought some new leads its just a matter of putting them in, i'll let you know how it goes and if it fixes the problem. as far as i know the leads have a carbon impregnated core, when removing them if the lead is stretched it will break the core and start to cause some problems.

i cood be totally wrong but thats wat ive learnt anyway.
hope this helps :)

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