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Was outside taking a picture of the interior of one of my CV Police
Interceptors for someone here on the board, so I snapped a shot
of the 1989 LX Hatch rocketship as well

We had over 6 inches of rain in the past two days, and it looks like
it survived, no leaks even..

Might have to fire it up, wake up the town, and take it for a little
ride.. It's capable of running 12.2 ET's with slicks in street form,
so it's a runner for sure. :)


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gearhead21 said:
I was thinking the same thing with mine. I haven't driven it much this winter with all the snow this year.
We have had a very bad winter too, but has been fairly decent for the
past couple of weeks. Of course they are talking about more snow
starting tomorrow, so it's time to park the mustang and get out the
crown vic's again. :)
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