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AU Ute
The SVO Lighting AU /Exterior Speedline 18" - Falken 245/40ZR18"Azenis ST115 Tyres / SVO Grille / Complete Front Bar Upgrade / Suspention SVO / Koni Re-Valved Shocks & Eibach Coils
Reset Leaf Springs / Interior Leather Embroided with SVO Logo Seats & Door Trims / MoMo Steering Wheel & Shifter Knob / SVO Insignia in Carbon Dash Facia / SVO Instument Facia /
1. SVO Exhaust Upgrade ==== 26-28 KW
2. SVO Cold Air Intake +K&N Filter====5-6 KW
3.SVO Torquer Cam====15-18 KW
4.SVO Super Torquer Cam====20-24 KW
5.SVO Cylinder Head Mods ====20-25 KW
6.SVO Roller Rockers
7.SVO 70mm Throttle Body
8.SVO 75mm Throttle Body
9.Edelbrock Intake Manifold RPM
10.347cu. Super Magnum Engine Upgrade
Phone for more Details or free Quote 03 9876 8586

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Welcome aboard svo.. Have you got any piccies of the ute you can wack onto the boards mate? All we've seen are the ones in the mags so some top piccies would be greatly appreciated.. :D
If you have any drama's on the boards please feel free to give Donut King or myself a hollar mate.. :D

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Hi and Welcome

Good to see some serious ford guys on board!

I'm suprised at the amount of power achieved by some of the figures above!

Are you talking about and AU and AU2?

What type of specs are the exhaust? How is 25kws achieved alone?

No mentioned of computer enhancements, how do regulate mapping?

Are the throttle bodies simple bolt ons??

Thanks for your time!:nuts: :D :D :nuts: :D :nuts:

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By simple maths that makes about 290 kw. Why would anyone stroke or supercharge if you just do these simple mods for almost the same output as a GTS 300 HSV? Are you sure you can get 290kw by just these mods? Exhaust alone increases by a huge amount.
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