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Tail lights and plate lights go off in manual but dash lights come back on.

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2004 Expedition 4.6L XLT

When the switch is set to automatic all the lights work except the dash lights.
If I turn the switch to manual, I lose the tail lights and the plate lights but the dash and radio lights come back on.
Flashers and brake lights always work. Haven't noticed if the backup lights work or not.

I tried taking the switch out of my 2004 Eddie Bauer and swapping them (EB to XLT and XLT to EB) but nothing changed for either vehicle. I did note that the switches were not exactly the same model. At least not on the outside.

None of the lights are out. I did replace a plate light that was out and I noticed on light out on the third brake light that I plan to change tomorrow. I've had those go out before without having this problem though so I don't think it's related. And since all the lights seem to work, just not all at the same time, I have not checked fuses or relays.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone seen this before?
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Check fuses, relays and ground connections.
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