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TCM recall

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I have been waiting for my TCM for almost 3 months. I am currently without a car and still forced to make payments on my 2012 ford focus. Ford is not offering any sort of rental assistance and informed me that I would have to pay out of pocket for rental expenses which can run anywhere between $1800 and $2000 a month. Why is Ford not doing more to remedy this issue. This is clearly their fault and they should be doing more to help customers in my position. Since I need to get a around I was forced to buy another vehicle just so that I can get to work to pay for this one.
This is why I started a petition with xxxxxxxx asking for to do better.

Petition link removed. There are shortages of many components due to pandemic including new vehicles. Blame the pandemic.
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I am also waiting for a TCM. I co-signed a loan for 2014 Ford Focus from Willis Ford, 15 North Dupont Blvd Smyrna DE 19977. The salesman Frank Lauro, Jr. 302-653-5900. When the vehicle stopped going into gear a little after 3 months, I was referred to the service manager, Rick Catterton. "Rick" successfully scared me away with "$200 for a diagnostic, it could be thousands of dollars and months before it could be repaired". I then went to Winner Ford, 591 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901 on August 18, 2021. The same day, after they performed a diagnostic they informed me of the national recall on the TCM, but they did not have parts. I went back to Willis. My salesman, Mr. Lauro, denied having any knowledge of a recall. One of his selling points was "it is certified, pre-owned" which obviously means nothing. I spoke then to the Sales Manager who pretty much said sorry about your luck. This was my son's first car purchase, he is struggling to get to work and support his 1 year old baby. Due to all the stresses he is now suicidal. As the car sits, the ethanol gas will begin to make other parts break down. Who will be responsible then?
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I asked the dealer if I could purchase and bring it there. They said it would nullify the recall warranty
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