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TCM recall

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I have been waiting for my TCM for almost 3 months. I am currently without a car and still forced to make payments on my 2012 ford focus. Ford is not offering any sort of rental assistance and informed me that I would have to pay out of pocket for rental expenses which can run anywhere between $1800 and $2000 a month. Why is Ford not doing more to remedy this issue. This is clearly their fault and they should be doing more to help customers in my position. Since I need to get a around I was forced to buy another vehicle just so that I can get to work to pay for this one.
This is why I started a petition with xxxxxxxx asking for to do better.

Petition link removed. There are shortages of many components due to pandemic including new vehicles. Blame the pandemic.
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I understand this is an issue that has been caused by the pandemic. However, I too have been without a car for about 3 months waiting for a chip to fix the TCM. I patiently wait and call the dealership every other week to check-in but this is ridiculous. I don’t care what hoops Ford needs to jump through to get these in for their customers but they should be because I won’t be buying a Ford after this. Not having access to a product by fault of the company, here a car, for months is ridiculous and, pandemic or not, unacceptable for any business.
I have also been waiting 3 3 months for the TCM for my 2011 Ford Fiesta! I am so upset with Ford!
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