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All My trouble codes when I hook up to the OBD2 sensor all point to trouble with the TCM I get the usual fork be out of position sensor they're all TCM related malfunctions so I get to the Ford dealership they put in the new TCM and they tell me that it's not learning and that I need a new transmission well I come from a family of mechanics and we plugged in my laptop which has the exact same software as Ford is running and not one error pointing towards the transmission I even watched the mechanic put my car in reverse backup and then go and put the old TCM back in because they told me that they had to drop my transmission and they split the price with me and pay make me pay $4,000 for a new transmission which I don't believe I need and Ford Canada is wondering why the old TCM isn't being shipped to them for the warranty coverage so I went back and I made a complaint and now the Ford dealership is putting a new TCM back in but they went and said well why should we risk damaging a TCM to Ford Canada if it's just going to be damaged if we put it in this guy's car well then why are they all sudden so happy to put it in I don't get it and if it didn't learn the gears then how come I went into reversal problem and if there is such so a problem with it why didn't the mechanic even take it on a road test and to top it off the car was sitting there for 2 hours finished and nobody even came to the waiting room to let me know that my car was finished I had to hunt them down and find this out and then they go and tell me that it it only learned the first 6 years but it didn't learn reverse but yet I washed the guy back it out as they go and try to tell me that I can't have that TCM and I they put my old TCM back in but however now they're putting my the new one back in next Wednesday I don't know what to think of this does anybody else have any thing to say
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