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Hi all,

What a great site! I recently picked up a 95 CV P71 with 157K. There are some things that need fixing. I need your expertise with following:

1. "Air bag" light is flashing code 41. What does that mean?
2. Power steering is cutting in and out as I turn the wheel. Would it be the PS pump or the bearing? How can I eliminate one or the other? I'm told CV doesn't have rack and pinion.
3. I have 2 holes on the roof of the car from the cop lights. Where can I get some kind of rubber plug to seal these holes? I phone around and had no luck. Please be specific.
4. Can I use mineral spirits to remove decal glue? Will it dull the paint?
5. Is the speedometer electric or cable driven? Mine is not working and I'm suspecting that this wire might have been cut by accident.
6. What technical manual would you recommend for CV? Does Ford sell them? Where can I get one?
7. I have metal brackets for the push bumper in the front. Where could I get the rubber pads for the brackets?

I know this is lots of questions for the first time. But I’m handy with the tools and very excited to tackle the project.


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:edit: Check The Back Of The Speedo Some Dealers Are Known To Disconnect The Odometer It Looks Like A Ribbion And Plugs In The Rear. What Manufacturer Made The Push Bumpers? Have Fun Let Me Know If I Can Help Further
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