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temp. gauge

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My temp. gauge seems to be working backwards, starts out on the hot side and then moves to the center part of the gauge. Any ideas what might be wrong?
302 in a '50 Ford,12v
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If it's a mechanical does that mean the needle won't move at all?
The vehicle now is Neg. ground,the temp gauge is electrical. I switched the gauge wires,no effect,it's starts out on hot and then moves to the center in the normal zone.
The gas gauge works correctly.
So with Neg. ground and factory gauge that is the reason it works backward. Can this be made to work right?
For now I think I'll run a mechanical temp. gauge and check it against the stocker.
Problem solved!!!

From what I have learned the temp. gauge doesn't care if it's pos. or neg. ground. The sender needs to match the gauge. I installed a stock flathead sender and the gauge now works perfect. When cold the needle parks on hot,when engine is started the needle goes to cold and as engine warms up the needle moves to the center.

1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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