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"Custom" 94 Tempo
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I figured I'd share this with the group because I found it kinda funny. I was at the "North of the Border Bash" (The largest import car show in Canada) I was driving my Tempo which is now looking kinda sporty with the chrome grille and ground effects. So I pull up to the guy directing traffic and say "I'm here for the show" He goes ok go down the road and turn right where it says "exhibitors" and make sure you have your registration form. Then he goes, "Hey, what kind of car is that? I've never seen it before" I tell him that I'm only there to watch the show and right as I pull away I say "Oh, it's a Tempo" I hear him say "Sweet" as he points it out to his buddies.

Mark my words, one day my tempo actually will be in that show in all it's glory, and it will show the world that the humble tempo isn't so humble anymore.

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