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by Brett Foote


Many cars in the world today have what people like to call “Easter eggs,” or cool little details that pay homage to another vehicle or an automaker’s past. And then there are just plain old basic features that are often difficult to spot, not obvious, or unadvertised. All three apply to the “hidden” compartment present in the dash of the S550 Mustang.

The 2015-2021 Ford Mustang has what is intended to be a sunglass holder positioned in a strange place – directly to the left of the steering wheel, inside the dash. While most cars have a sunglass holder mounted in the overhead area close to the windshield, Mustang designers clearly wanted to do something different.

Problem is, it’s sometimes surprising how many S550 Mustang owners are not even aware that this compartment exists. It is clear by looking at it from the outside that this is a panel of some sort, but most assume that it’s there to cover fuses or something else. But when we push in on it, a little tray pops out as if by magic.


While this compartment was designed to hold sunglasses (albeit only smaller ones), many owners use it for other things. This includes keys, emergency cash or change, a multitool, garage door opener, micro SD cards or USB drives, snacks, business cards, and sometimes, illegal items that we won’t bother to mention here.

Regardless of what it’s used for, this little hidden compartment in the S550 Mustang is a nifty little feature that’s also quite unique. For whatever reason, designers just didn’t want to go with a traditional sunglass holder in the overhead area, and that led them to do something truly different. Unfortunately, it’s a cool feature that for whatever reason, many owners aren’t even aware exists.
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