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Here are my two 1997 CVPI's. Both were Agency cars, and were never
put into service as patrol vehicles with local or County Police Departments..


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Hey There PI, how ya doing?? :)

I saw Rocket and Gearhead had an earlier post, so I'm sure some of
the others will probably wander over from time to time..

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Bluesmobile, glad to see you as a member. This board looks very organized,
and has forums to cover just about everything..

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I'm here glad to see some of the other cv'ers are here :)

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I wander yes... I appologise for the other site being "mean" recently. I am totaly fed up with people flaming and me getting crap for doing my job. I escape here occasionally.

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PI, the dark 1997 CVPI (dark tourmaline I believe it is called) was an
ex federal agency car.

A local dealership goes to various state and federal actions and picks
up these low mileage agency vehicles. I believe this car was out of
Kansas City, but I would have to check for sure to verify that is where
they got it.

It's an interesting color (exterior color code NA) in that it seems to
change color depending on weather conditions. Sometimes it looks
dark green, sometimes dark blue, and almost black at other times..

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PI, here is another pic of that CVPI. As you can see, it almost looks
dark blue here.. If you recall, this is the car that has the 3.73 Auburn
posi unit in it..


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Thanks man. How long have you had it? It's got a bench seat right? That is THE PI I want with the exeption of the bench seat(but it can easly be replaced by bucket seats.) How many miles did it have when you got it? And if you don't mind me asking, how much did you get it for? Thats the nices PI I have ever seen! A spotlight would look good.

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Tang Pgt said:
That's cool how the white one has the spotlight on it.

Ya can have some fun with that ! :D

Man don't you know it, pull into a park about 1:00am, switch on the spot light , and see all the people freak out. Hahahaha now thats fun.

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PI, I got the dark Police Interceptor in September of 2000, well, either August
or September, I'd have to check the title, but I am lazy right now :)

It doesn't have bench seats, but has the optional "Administrative Interior
Package". Not sure if that is the official name for it, I think someone over
on mentioned the correct name. The seats are buckets, but
are a heavy gray velvet material, not the 'wears for 1,000 years' material
that my white police interceptor has. Another nice thing is that there are
arm rests between the seats. I'll try and get a pic of the interior and post.

It was a Federal Agency car, and they replace their police interceptor package
cars every three years, no matter of the mileage on them. I believe this
car had 42,000 miles on it when I got it, and from what I recall the cost to
me was right around $6,900..

As you can see, it is in perfect condition, just like the white vehicle. That
is why I only purchase the Federal cars, they take great care of them, and
they aren't subject to the hard use that police departments put on their

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PI, here are pictures of the difference between the two 1997 Police
Interceptor Crown Vics. The first pic is of the "optional" interior
package on the dark green/blue/black car. The second pic is of the
standard heavy duty buckets that are in my white PI, and also in
most of the CVPI's I drive on duty..


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PI, I'm sure there are exceptions, but from what I have seen the
Agency CVPI's seem to be in better condition than most of the
'service' vechicles out there on the market.

Usually they are not used for routine patrol duties, involved in high
speed car chases, or bounced over curbs.. The majority of them
are used for administrative purposes, and are retired after three
years no matter what the condition is.

I get mine from a local dealer. The owner is a personal friend of
mine, and a couple of his employees go to many auctions looking
for ex agency vehicles.. Good units are hard to find sometime, as
cab companies and local police departments and security agencies
are also in the market for well maintained vehicles with low miles.

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Hey guys from I found my way over here thanks to Jonathan. I like how this site is set up and for one now I can post pictures. The picture below is the one from Ebay, but that place is where I am going to get my car. The car will have better paint.

I am New P-71 Owner at, but since I am not going to get the 2001 PI anymore like I planned I just used my name.


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