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The 88 P72 has departed for painting!

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This Morning was a milestone for me....My 88p72 was loaded on to a Roll-back Wrecker for a trip to the Paint and Body shop....I have sanded every inch of this car...It has No chrome , No paint,and no lights or Bumpers....Hince the need for the Roll-back...I am having what was a Ky.Highway Patrol Un-marked grey car painted Gloss-Black....The car will have Dual Spotlights like a CHP or Michigan State Police unit....The plugged antennae wholes will be re-opened to place Motorola Units in them. Last week I flew up to Charlottesville Va. to Buy a working Police Radar Unit for the car....This will complete the Cosmetic for show only look I'm seeking....The Motor Project will carry things to yet another level....I would sure like to see more Box Body fans become part of this Website....There are more than enough 92-01 fans at the ....Lets get the Boxers Pumped Up and excited here if we can.....The more shared knowledge the better for everyone.......Allen
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82f100, Thanks for the reply!!!....You would really be surprised just how much the Cop car collecting is catching on....Give another sight a try if you are Interested? They have some real fanatics over there. They are not aligned with any particular make, however the webmaster is a real Old Model Mopar fan. My car will of course retain it's Un-marked unit style that it was in fact in Service with. The decals and lights are just to much of a hassle for me to want to get involved with. I did take my Radar Unit to the man that did my upholstry work this morning...The Reciever unit was done in a medium grey Vinyl or a cheap leather?...I turned it over to him to re-do the material to match my shadow(dark) Blue interior....Just another touch to keep things in sematry......Thank for your reply.....Allen
Top of the day to you JW!!!...Diaz Body Shop is supposed to take before ,during and after Shots of the car....We shall see....Don't worry ,You guys will get to see the Cosmetic end before too long....Don't be upset with me if i don't raise the hood for ya!!!...That part is still in the works.....I may have to slow down on the New Motor a bit....Right now getting the car back on the Road is the Important thing to me.I will have a small battle with the DMV due to the fact that the car has been out of Inspection for a year as of this well as the Tags..I did have to send the state a letter as to why to avoid a $250 fine!!!!...I will start my vacation on Tuesday morning after I get off work.....I will have ample time to over-see the work being done. I have a lot of faith in Diaz....He worked at the biggest Jaguar dealership between NY and Atlanta for over 15 years....He got tired of working for the Man as they say....His talent was wasting making them rich......Allen
Mark, Sadly to say the car is not even close to being finished!! This not being a high yield Insurance deal , does not get the priority that others do.....I'll keep you posted........I think you guys may have taken my Goal with this car out of context....The Car will have two spot lights(Not Colored in any way)....The Antennae's on the rear quarter panel are a very Low-Key style....The Radar Unit I have remains tucked away in a briefcase in the trunk except for display only purposes!!!.....I have No desire to Impersonate or Hassle the general public..........Allen
Mark, Thanks for the understanding....I have been very active on another board.....and sadly to say we have a lot of people there that like to cause grief for the Police package fans......I just wanted to make myself perfectly clear before anyone reading this...not you directly !! got the wrong Idea....Like I said ...I have had about all I'm willing to listen to elsewhere regard to my cars.....Thanks for the Inquirey....And Thanks most of all for being a reasonable person.....You have indeed made a friend Sir!!!.....Allen :wink2:
Engine project 351W Upgrade

Mark, The current Motor is in fine shape...I have a Holley 2 BBl Carb setting on top of it ....The OEM 7200VV Carb that the 351 HO used from the factory was a piece of garbage (IMHO)................I have a spare 351 HO from a 91 Crown Vic Police Package....I have torn it down to the bare block...The accessories will all be used as Core Charge exchanges for new parts.....The Motor will be Bored out to just shy of 358 C.I. I have a Cam that was Custom Ground by Holman and Moody just for this project...They will also Gring my Crank and balance it to within 1 gram of tolerance.....I will be using Aluminum GT40 Heads to Increase Power via Flow and Increase the compression ratio to 10 to 1....The Intake is an Edlebrock Performer EGR unit and topped off by a 600 CFM Holley 4 BBL....The parts are already bought. The 4BBl set-up requires a special linkage that I have gotten ...The AOD Tranny was never built for a 4BLL Carb set-up...The aftermarket comes into play time and again. The goal is to have a Factory rated motor at 180 HP , Pushing 300 HP before it's over...and still be able to pass emissions testing!!!....I will be using TRW forged Flat-top Pistons ...and all Roller Internal parts ....this thing is going to scream when it's all done......Allen
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Very Busy...!!!!

I will run the car on occassion...I am mainly doing this so when we have a Big Meet of the people that I will be able to destroy all the Hot Shots in thier New P71 Crown Vics(at a Track of course!!)....We Box Body fans catch a lot of grief from these Guys...I own both and like both !!...But I really want to give this very maligned car a New lease on life.....I will never part with it!! So spending time and money on her is of no great concern to me. I will have to hit the door in about 30 minutes to go make my progress check on the Paint and Body work....This is a lot of fun...but with tha goes a lot of time ,money and effort too!!!....Feel free to join us at the other website if you is a very active bunch....Don't pay any of the Negative types you might encounter any attention.....It's a good website too!!!!....By the way we do have regional meets from time to time....I attended one last sunday in Raleigh N.C. we had a good group show up from both Carolina's and 1 from Va.....The organizer even arranged to have a North Carolina State Trooper show up with a New P71 Interceptor.....It was fun!!!......Allen
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Mark....I am getting a tad impatient....but I'm keeping my mouth shut for now!!!.....This Car show season is not in reach as I see it now.....I might have a shot at the Auto Fair in Charlotte in October........As for the 4.6L....Its a nice Motor for 281 C.I. The down side is being computer controlled in every way....The Mods are not cheap either....The Mods do require Computer Chip tweeking to go along with them or they are pretty much useless...Its a harmonic balance just like Intake and Exhaust balance in anything......Allen
We have a few

We have a few Cop car fans about....Last sunday we had a meeting of the Carolina's Branch of the Bunch...There were 9 of us there in Raleigh...Most of us had to drive two hours or greater to get there.....It was fun....I do have a close friend that has a Biz here in Charlotte that specializes in selling Used Police cars....He sells to smaller lower budget departments,Taxi Companies and Individuals like myself.....Bluesmobile is a member here....and he has a good eye for good vs. the run of the mill. I think the Body shop class you are taking is a great idea....I would have done the same thing had it not been for my work schedule conflicting every step of the way.....I have basically self-educated myself on this by reading a lot ....and of course just getting in there and doing.....The education has saved me a lot of "Dead Presidents" on the current project........Allen
hanging tough!!!

Hi JW, I have been back at work since saturday night...I have one more to go until I can re-focus on the car!!....I did try to write you from work but I could not get on this site to Post for some dumb reason or another....I will go to the Paint Shop sometime tomorrow for a check of what's going on.........I cannot blame you at all for not parking the Mustang for painting now.....It is in fact Car season.....Hopefully I will get to enjoy some of it , minus the New Engine...Time and patience is indeed a virtue.....Well so I keep telling myself........Allen
Hi Brian!!!!

Hey Bud, Sure it would be great to hook up with another Police Package Vehicle fan!!!!......We had a Carolina Vicsters Meet in Raleigh Sunday before last.....All the Cars there were P71 Interceptors with the exception of one....You would have been more than welcome to have joined us had we known about one another sooner......THE 9c1 seems to show up at a lot of the Crown Vic Meets all over the Country......I guess once it's all said and done that RWD V-8 Fans do have a lot in common No matter if it's a Blue Oval or a Bow Tie.....I would have one if I could get one at a reasonable price ...and in good shape!!!...The 95's and 96's I have seen in the last 2 years have all been way over-priced vs. the general condition and mileage they had on them. The LT1 is a fine Engine.....I wish Ford had seen the Light on using that much Horsepower in the CV at the same time they were Head to Head in the market Place.....In many respects Ford still has not matched those Performance Figures......I will take the CV for comfort and Handling....and ease and price to maintain....But for shear off the line Speed the 9C1 gets the Gold !!.....Stay in touch.....Allen
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E-Mail Address

Brian....I can be reached at [email protected] .......Allen
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