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The 88 P72 has departed for painting!

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This Morning was a milestone for me....My 88p72 was loaded on to a Roll-back Wrecker for a trip to the Paint and Body shop....I have sanded every inch of this car...It has No chrome , No paint,and no lights or Bumpers....Hince the need for the Roll-back...I am having what was a Ky.Highway Patrol Un-marked grey car painted Gloss-Black....The car will have Dual Spotlights like a CHP or Michigan State Police unit....The plugged antennae wholes will be re-opened to place Motorola Units in them. Last week I flew up to Charlottesville Va. to Buy a working Police Radar Unit for the car....This will complete the Cosmetic for show only look I'm seeking....The Motor Project will carry things to yet another level....I would sure like to see more Box Body fans become part of this Website....There are more than enough 92-01 fans at the ....Lets get the Boxers Pumped Up and excited here if we can.....The more shared knowledge the better for everyone.......Allen
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hanging tough!!!

Hi JW, I have been back at work since saturday night...I have one more to go until I can re-focus on the car!!....I did try to write you from work but I could not get on this site to Post for some dumb reason or another....I will go to the Paint Shop sometime tomorrow for a check of what's going on.........I cannot blame you at all for not parking the Mustang for painting now.....It is in fact Car season.....Hopefully I will get to enjoy some of it , minus the New Engine...Time and patience is indeed a virtue.....Well so I keep telling myself........Allen
Hi Allen,

I couldn't help notice your location and cop car enthusiast. I too live in the Charlotte area and drive an ex-police car. It's too bad we drive different brands, but it's all right.

If you have time maybe one day or so this summer maybe we could meet up and exchange some talk about the cars. I'm pretty open, just let me know.

I drove a '90 Crown Vic with the 351 just the other day, the car has such a different feel from mine.


Brian D. Winkler
'95 Ex-NCHP 9c1
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Hi Brian!!!!

Hey Bud, Sure it would be great to hook up with another Police Package Vehicle fan!!!!......We had a Carolina Vicsters Meet in Raleigh Sunday before last.....All the Cars there were P71 Interceptors with the exception of one....You would have been more than welcome to have joined us had we known about one another sooner......THE 9c1 seems to show up at a lot of the Crown Vic Meets all over the Country......I guess once it's all said and done that RWD V-8 Fans do have a lot in common No matter if it's a Blue Oval or a Bow Tie.....I would have one if I could get one at a reasonable price ...and in good shape!!!...The 95's and 96's I have seen in the last 2 years have all been way over-priced vs. the general condition and mileage they had on them. The LT1 is a fine Engine.....I wish Ford had seen the Light on using that much Horsepower in the CV at the same time they were Head to Head in the market Place.....In many respects Ford still has not matched those Performance Figures......I will take the CV for comfort and Handling....and ease and price to maintain....But for shear off the line Speed the 9C1 gets the Gold !!.....Stay in touch.....Allen
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Hey Allen,

I'm trying to email you, but can't find an address. If you would give me an email. [email protected]

E-Mail Address

Brian....I can be reached at [email protected] .......Allen
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