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Everyone knows the $450,000 Ford GT is a mental piece of machinery, but like a modern fighter jet, the supercar relies on a complex array of sensors and computer modules in order to fly.

Combat in the clouds requires a high degree of maneuverability, meaning the faster a fighter jet can move away from its trimmed state, the better. To do this, the jet’s center of gravity must be shoved back, making it inherently unstable and necessitating the need for high-powered onboard computers to continually manage the plane’s basic controls.

Despite cost overruns and the constant cloud of political cacophony that surrounds it, the F-35 Lightning is quite literally a flying super computer. The plane collects data from multiple onboard sensors using a supersonic fiber network and uses it to inform the flight computer and the pilot of what’s happening, along with a sophisticated payload calculating software, and another that monitors the jet’s components.

Despite everything the “most complex military weapon in military history” is capable of, Ford claims the GT’s 25 onboard computers running 10 million lines of software code is more than what Lockheed uses to run the F-35.
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