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The 2019 Ranger barely had a chance to cool its wheels on stage in Detroit before off-roaders started asking about the Raptor version, and Ford Thailand has released a new video showing the truck tearing through the desert.

We already know that this Ranger Raptor will launch in Thailand and be sold around the world, but whether or not that includes the US remains a mystery. If a Ranger Raptor does come to the US, it won’t be exactly like the worldwide version, as the US-market truck doesn’t share any body panels with its overseas brother.

A link at the bottom of the YouTube video leads to the Ford Thailand page and while my grasp of that language is about as tenuous as P-rated tires on the Rubicon, it’s easy to tell the company in that country is talking up the Ranger Raptor in a big way.

Sporting beefy tires, a not-insignificant amount of wheel travel, and what certainly looks like a more muscular body than the standard Ranger just shown in Detroit, this Ranger Raptor looks like just the ticket for the Blue Oval to take on Chevy’s Colorado ZR2.
To read more and see video please visit The Ford Ranger Raptor Teased in New Video at
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