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What Era of Mustang Do You Fang Around?

  • First Batch 1964-1966

    Votes: 55 11.3%
  • Glory Years 1967-1973

    Votes: 128 26.4%
  • Years of Limbo 1974-80

    Votes: 10 2.1%
  • Revival 1981-1985

    Votes: 12 2.5%
  • Fangs Added 1986-1996

    Votes: 84 17.3%
  • Modern Age 1997-2004

    Votes: 156 32.2%
  • Fifth Generation 2005 - 2014

    Votes: 38 7.8%
  • Sixth Generation 2015-up

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • Mach-E 2020 - present

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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2003 Silver Metallic Cobra (aka Terminator)
502 RWHP/496 RWTQ

Stiegemeier Stage III ported eaton, throttle body and plenum
2.76 Billet Flow pulley
4 piece Billet Flow idler set
LFP Heat Exchanger
SCT 2400 MAF
LMM full length sub frame connectors
KB Boost a Pump
Billet Flow IRS brace
Steeda drive shaft safety loop
MAC Prochamber
Magnaflow stainless catback with Magnapack mufflers
RAM HD Clutch and steeda firewall adjustor and clutch quadrant

Dress up stuff:
UPR Billet COBRA lower door sills
Billet flow hood vents
Stainless bumper letters
Engraved cobra floor mats
custom shift knob

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I'm driving my first car, a Red 1998 Mustang GT, bone stock save for some angel eye headlights and my removal of the air silencer, she's got just over 100k miles on the clock.

I picked it up after recieving my enlistment bonus for the Navy Reserve, and havn't regretted a second of it.

Sure, she's got some scratches here and there, and the grey/black interior needs badly redone, but mechanically she runs as good as new, and she still turns heads with everyone I know.

Like every other mustang owner, I've got lots of ideas for improving it, but not enough income to support them, so for now I'm just hoping I can pick up some new seats (the stock ones are beat to hell, to the point that the metal frame is coming out of the side of the drivers seat), preferably some nice leather cobra ones, but I'm thinking of ordering some cheap bolstered racing seats since cobra ones are extremely hard to find for a good price. After that I'd like to get some kind of cat-back for it, probably Magnaflows, I've heard nothing but good news about them, and I'd rather stay away from Flowmaster's since everyone is running those these days.

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We are currently fixing up a 64 Mustang coupe that we found sitting in a junkyard a few months back - can't wait to finally drive it around..

But one of our almost daily drivers is a 2010 mustang GT conv. we bought a few wks ago

SC= smoked chevy
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i own a 1999 35th anniversary limited edition mustang GT convertible. its performance red. i'm saving up for a sonic blue 03 cobra thought :)

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My first was a 19641/2 convertable red white top,nex was a 72 fast back blue ,then a 67 cupe made that into a 347 drag car ran low 11s a had a 89 black gt ,my son has it now,and last so far i have a 2002 gt a candy red. I lovem :driver::thup::thup::thup:


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Currently own a red 96 Mustang GT 4.6L

Had a silver 93 Mustang GT 5.0 for a year when it first came out. Got 2 reckless driving tickets in that year, just for peeling out.

Btw... what is the tag "fangs added" referring to on the 86-96 option?
121 - 140 of 158 Posts