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The truth about car ads

If The Ad Reads . . . It Really Means
Rough condition: Too bad to lie about
Parts car: Beyond repair
Clean: Homeless dude at 5th and Main did the windows
Immaculate: Recently washed
Concours: Recently waxed
Good transportation: It's ugly
Engine quiet: Uses 90-weight oil
Needs minor overhaul: Needs engine
Needs major overhaul: Phone the junkyard
Burns no oil: It all leaks out
Rebuilt engine: Cleaned the spark plugs
Engine blueprinted: I don't know what it means either
Excellent gas mileage: It's slow
Low miles: The odometer was turned back
One owner: Can't give it away
Sure to appreciate: That's why I'm selling it
Drive it away: I live on a hill
Drive it anywhere: Within 10 miles
Desirable classic: No one wants it
Rare classic: No one wanted it even when it was new.
Stored 20 years: In a lake
Ran when stored: Won't start
Never apart: Bolts too rounded to loosen
Solid as a rock: Rusted solid
. . .or best offer: I'm guessing here
Restored, with 0 miles: Won't start
Faster than a 'vette: A Chevette
Restored, with 2 miles: Won't stay running
Older restoration: First owner washed it
Good investment: Can't be worth much less
No time to restore it: Can't obtain parts
90% complete: You do the other 90%
95% complete: Other 5% doesn't exist
One owner: Hertz
Great enthusiasts car: I'm looking for a sucker
Good tires: And that's all
House forces sale: Neighbors complaining
Trades considered: I'm desperate
Other interests conflict: Spouse's ultimatum: "Either that
#[email protected]&## thing goes or I go!"

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What about the most common one... "going overseas?"

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what about first to see will buy

I am The Brain
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I am feverishly taking note of this...I will be in the market for a car sometime early to mid this year.

Mr Sensible...
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even better just divorced - selling husbands car.

now im waiting for a Ferrari or GTHO one of these days...
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