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rolfy72 said:
They were the best looking utes of the X series...I prefer the normal XH front end to the XH XR8'...lights are to small for the size of the car, they got it right with the AUXR8.
The only thing I reckon Ford got wrong was the back bumper...YUCK its a goddam huge bulbous roundabout thingy!!its nothing like the rest of the car...maybe I'll grab some bumperettes off a XD-XF ute and make them in too a "shaved"1 piece job with a nice recess for the number plate and paint it the body colour?Anyone got any idea's?
I'll get some real pic's of my ute soon...oneday
I'd be more than happy to swap front ends if you like. :cool: ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts