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Ben Haines: I am a senior in high school, I dont have much to say except FORDS ARE THE BEST. I have owed at least one truck of all makes, and I can honestly say that the Fords out-drive and out-perform all the others. I will only list the Fords that I have previously owned. And they are as follows:

1965 Ford F100 Pickup-I kick myself everytime I think about selling this truck, it had a 360 engine with a 4-speed standard. The truck was completely in mint condition, engine was balanced and blueprinted. Even still had the original AM stereo in it. I am currently triing to purchase truck back from owner.

1969 Ford F100 Pickup-This truck had a 390 mated to a 4-speed manual tranny w/granny gear. This truck was set up for racing, could easily leave a 70 foot burn-out, and top speed reached was around 140, couldnt tell for sure because the speedo topped out at 100. This truck was a driver.

1969 Ford F100 Pickup 4x4-This truck I would never have gotten rid of except for my dad. My dad wanted a camp trailer, so he traded my truck for one. This truck had a 390 mated to a 4-speed manual as well, but this one was nicknamed "THE BEAST", I can honestly say that I never found a place that truck wouldnt go, and usually, the chevys and dodges wouldnt make it.

1972 Ford F100 Pickup 4x4-This truck was completly stock, but had some steering problems, it was still an awsome 4x4, but I just didnt trust it because the steering box had been okie-rigged on, so I parked it and bought my baby now:

Nicknamed "THE POLAR BEAR OF DARKNESS" by my friends because of the lift and gloss black paint, or "BLACKBEAR" by me, its a 1970 Ford F100 Pickup 4x4-this truck had a few problems with it when I purchased it, for starters, the engine was out of some unknown Ford car, had a closed knuckle front axle, and a really, really low gear ratio, plus some other stuff little stuff. So to fix all these problems, I took the engine, tranny, and front and rear axles out of my 72 and replaced the ones on my 70. Now the truck has a 360 engine mated to a 4-speed manual tranny w/granny gear, with a stock two speed transfer-case, now has a ball-jointed front axle, and a 5" lift with 33x12.5x15 BFG Mud Terrain Tires. Now that I have owned this truck, I now know the meaning of unstoppable. I am planning to paint my baby, it is going to be Blue striping into white.

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Hello all. I'm also new to this forum. Drive an AUII sportsman (2001). Used to drive an NA sportsman 1991. Love my fairlanes, what can I say? So glad I found this place. Now when I have a sook or want to boast about my ford I have found sympathetic ears (I hope).

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Big Block Ford said:
Welcome to the forum.

Thats a nice line up of Ford's you have there nightwolf.
Big Block Ford....... You're snoozing, nightwolf's post is over 6 years old. I'm glad Ive never done that.:priest:
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