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This is me...

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I run the Fun Ford Weekend Drag Racing Series and am the current Top Truck World Champion. We are also starting out this season in the Nitto Tires Truck class in the NMRA. I bracket race at my home track, Southern Dragway, when we are not on the road, in Douglas, GA. We run a 1987 Ranger with a .060 over 351w, C-4 and a list of goodies about a mile long. Best ET to date is 10.96 @ 126mph @ 3200# race weight. The truck is still street-legal except for the slicks.

Look us up at any of the FFW and NMRA races this year. We plan on running the entire circuit for FFW and 5 or 6 of the NMRA races. Just look for the Ford Racing flag flying over a maroon enclosed trailer with SGA Racing on the side....we'd love to meet you.
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Whats up Hotrod!! Welcome to the board, good luck in the upcoming season and keep us updated!! BTW your trucks kicks ass!!
A star is on the board:D Welcome!!!!:D:D:D
Thanks guys. I don't know much about the 'star' stuff, but I will try to keep you posted.
Another person from Georgia. Hey I use to live in Albany, GA. Glad to see you posting, and good luck in the up coming season.
I've ran at the track in Albany a year or so ago.

Thanks for the vote !
Hey hotrod,
Glad to see you over here too. How 'bout posting sometime what your race schedule is? I visit one of our plants in Jackson and another in Toccoa GA a couple times a year, wouldn't mind hanging around over a weekend to see you run that thing.

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