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this is the look

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This is the look I am going for, may take a year or two but this is it baby...

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That is pretty cool, Differnt then what i like but definetley cool. Thats one of the rad things about automobile's check out all the differnt ways you can go. I respect all cause I know how much work it takes, good luck on your journey.
No kidding on the work that goes into doing this stuff, going up or down. What do you think is harder or more expensive, major lift or major drop?

I think it is funny how most people with lowered trucks go for bigger rims while lifted trucks go for bigger rubber. I guess it would look real stupid the other way around. I am just blabben now...
I would guess it costs the about the same, no matter what Depends on how much you do yourself or farm out. it all costs allot of money and time though, Money seems hard to earn and very easy to spend, especially working on auto's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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