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This or that? CCRM 96 TBird 4.6

I have a 96 TBird 4.6 with a bad fuel pump relay (I believe).

Where can I get the CCRM Tested?

Do I need to replace the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) or just the fuel pump relay inside it? I have not been able to find the CCRM on-line by name and part number searches, but I have found a relay they say is for it at AutoZone.

If I do need to replace the CCRM, where can i get one?

*This is all because the car turns but wont start, has fuel, has good power (ie: new battery, new alternator). The car was running like a dream when I came home Friday morning, then I went out to go to work that night and it just turns.

Any help would be wonderful, thanks ahead of time.

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