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Good Morning!

I am looking to do some work to the 1991 2.3L Mustang I have. I am looknig for some thoughts and suggestions as to what can be done, as I have found and seen soo many 5.0L or SVO options but nothing that seems like it will work with out going to the wreckers for a part or two.

The only thing currently done was replacing the rear shocks because the stock bushings were damaged cauased the shock to move with the vehicle instead. Installed the Monre Sensa Trac.

My dad toys with the idea of Turbo/or a 5.0 swap.

Body exterior changes are welcome, engine items, exhaust items, wheels, tires, lighting (projection worth it?) Suspension, etc.. You get the idea.

Let us assume this will be a daily driver for a few years. What I would liek to get out of this as a daily driver:

  1. Better Feul Economy
  2. More Power
  3. Tuning
  4. smoother/strudier ride
  5. Nice sound/powerful but no 5.0 inmitator exhaust
  6. spkrs to accompany CD player
  7. A Cup HOLDER ( at least one)
  8. Seating? (though I rather like the current Low Back ones)

I recall Freshmeat sayign to get a good intake, good exhuast, somehing else and 4.55 gears on rear end. or somethign to that effect.

Some Older pics of the mustang can be seen here: Index of /91_Mustang



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