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I just got an estimate to do the timing belt on my 93 PGT (2.5L V6 5 speed).

The flat rate in the book says 2.5 hours, Chilton's says 2.3 hours.
The dealer looked under the hood and said there was no way they could do it in that amount of time (I agreed) and they quoted me 4 hours (at a discounted rate).

Has anyone had the belt changed in 2.5 hours? Is it possible.

I still think 4 hours is reasonable but if it is possible in 2.5 I want it charged at 2.5, is there a trick to it ?

Thanks in advance.


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I've done it

Well after reading your thread, I'm wondering how the book did it. It takes a good 4 hours to do it.

Changing the Timing Belt is a major pain. It's not really that hard, just very time consuming. and trust me your back and hands will hurt after your done.
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