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I have a 1976 Ford torino with a 351w engine. I installed a HEI gm style distributor.
I manually rotated the motor to establish TDC on the compression stroke and found the timing Mark's (12 BTDC) on the damper lined up with the marker perfectly
Took the distributor cap off and made sure the rotor pointed to the number 1 spark plug terminal. Reinstalled the cap.
Timing should be right on now right?
Well I cranked the motor a few times and reset the motor as I did before...
I took the distributor cap off again and found the rotor pointing to another spark plug terminal...(2 terminals away from #1)
Can some one please tell me what could be wrong?.... shouldn't the rotor be pointing at #1 again???
Btw...compression is a 100 psi in all cylinders.
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