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What about electric chokes?

You know when you go to order a carb, and they ask you if you want an electric or mechanical choke (because they match the carb to the engine, not the car)?
Well, those same guys can hook you up with an electric choke for $10 (replacement electric choke).
Swap it out with the hot-air/mechanical choke on your current carb, crimp a connector onto a piece of wire, plug it in, and connect the other end to the alternator (B+, I think), and adjust it like a normal choke.

It never gave me a problem, worked better than the hot-air & mechanical chokes, and I didn't have to worry about where to connect the hot tube after the heat shield, riser, and stock exhaust manifolds were gone.
Also make top of the engine look less cluttered.

Converting the accelerator linkage to a cable was also worthwhile, just a little more work.
'71+ Mavericks make good donor cars (actually, a lot of their parts can be used on the 'Stangs).

The best place to get clutch pedal & linkage bushings is from ACE Hardware.
Make sure you replace the hitch pins, too (don't use cotter pins, someone did on my car before I purchased it).

Best way to eliminate water leaks:
Remove the aluminum trim from the front & back windows, and run some black RTV around the edges, and smooth it out with your finger.
Fill the door window seals with expanding foam in weak spots.
Shut the doors and let it conform to the door frame while it dries so it'll seal properly. It's cheaper than new seals.
Either remove the cowl & relocate/cover the shutter flap (takes a long time), or buy a plexiglass cowl cover that installs with two knurled knobs.
You can remove & install it in a minute or two, so it's nothing permanent.


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What size rear end?

I am reading your rear end post, I have no idea what size rear end I have 8 or 9, plus the ID tag says WCZ-E1 which I looked up, but wasn't in the 67 listing so maybe someone put a different tag on so I would buy the car with matching numbers-who knows. I have a 67 Mustang that originally had a 289 2Bbl and C4. Can anyone help me? Thanks

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Check the number again. The 68 lists a WCZ-F1 rear axle tag. It is a 3.00, 8 inch rear. That is what my 68 FB, 289 2 barrel, C-4 had also.
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