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I've seen their ads, anywhere from 4- to 8-page spreads, but never thought
to actually give them a try. I don't know what possessed me this time...

I like the BF Goodrich KDWS tires. My last set had a pretty good life, but
the fronts, especially, had worn badly. Good. Time for new rubber.

I ordered in a set of four from Tirerack. Not just a good price, but I had
them the next day! (It helps that they shipped out of Delaware, about 50
miles away from me.) I threw them in the back of TFrog, thinking I'd get
them installed as soon as I had CFrog inspected (finally).

Unfortunately, CFrog needed a couple of tires, and I had to give up a pair
from TFrog's stash. Great. The convertible now has two beautiful KDWS on the
rear, with Yokohamas up front. (Cue theme from "Monk".) It's really
bothering me, and I'm sure I'm the only one that would notice, but I'll need
to take care of that A.S.A.P.

Meanwhile, I ordered up another pair of tires from Tirerack and, once again,
they were at my house the next day.

TFrog is now sporting a neatly matched set of new rubber.

Picked it up in the morning and drove to work. Now, I expect new tires to be
a little squirrelly, but not as squirrelly as they were. Drove home at lunch
and checked the pressure. I forgot - seems that new tires are always
overinflated, for whatever reason. Now, while not as bad as the 100psi that
Just Tires left me with, all four were almost uniformly at 45psi. I dropped
them all down to 32 (they were a little warm) and the ride back to work was
a joy.

God DAMN, I love new sticky tires. Can't wait for the next rain.


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In article <[email protected]>, dwight wrote:

> I ordered in a set of four from Tirerack. Not just a good price, but I had
> them the next day!

The last set of tires I ordered from tirerack showed up in 22 hours.
I ordered them at like 2pm and they arrived just before lunch the next day.

I got the avon all-seasons and they have been good so far this winter.
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