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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm currently in the market for a new daily driver.
Been looking at a few Crown Vic P71's. I just wanted to find out what
some of you experienced owners think about them. (got some good input from some of the groups on Yahoo but thought I'd try here too)

Are they reliable? (Will I be spending $ on constant upkeep and

Are they worth the money? (4000-6500)

What is considered high mileage for a used one? The ones I've seen
have between 80K to 100K.

I've seen 98's, 99's and 2000 models. Are these good?

What should I look for when buying one?

Pros and Cons?

What are standard package features?

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreicated!


Oh, by the way, I'm in Los Angeles and the vehicles I'm considering
are from the Montana Highway Patrol. Hopefully they wouldn't have
gone through the beatings that a typical urban patrol unit sees. They
are however being sold by a current police officer who owns a company
that rents the vehicles to television and movie productions.

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I have a 92' with 312000 on the odometer, when I got it in july 2003, there was no oil, trans fluid, ps fluid, and no brake fluid,basically the car was running dry, it is a p71, it does not idle evenly, but on the highway, or when i keep my foot on the gas it is even. I love it though, it needs a new computer, but it floats on the highway. I'm going to get another one, only if its a p71, with alot less miles.
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