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Well, there's been some pretty good articles over the last 2-3 days. Firstly, there was that ripping report that Tickford would be doing a ute.

Then there's today's release (Black Firday, July) from Ford about the best Falcon ever and that it might not be called the AV. The best part was the rather tacky artisist impression of a possible new Falcon that, IMHO, looks way better than the AV picture released a few days before, and is more in line with something that I would consider buying. (better be careful Ford. I was going to buy one soon, and if you keep releasing pictures like that I'll be holding on to my money until one of those come out....)

There's also a report regarding recent positive articles in the UK press regarding the HSV GTS. Jeremy Clarkson even gave it a good wrap! Seems Jeremy's stint at Robot Wars never tainted his good humour when reviewing cars.

There's also reference to the web site in the uk:

Despite the fact that I'm a devout Ford fan, I still feel some national pride that a car with at least some percentage of Australian content is getting good press overseas.

I keep my eye out for Daewoo's with the Aussie Family-2 as well.....

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