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I have a 2014 Connect van 9 passenger. The access panel on the rear lift door located on that door is a small panel assembly. The assembly is glued to the door and contains an electrical switch button that releases the lock, a light to illuminate the license plate, and the video camera. It has worked fine for about a year. Then the glue connection failed releasing the assembly. It appears to me that the glue joint portion on the door has insufficient surface area to permit a reliable glue joint.

It also appears to me that there was excessive glue from the original assembly at factory (they probably struggled a bit). The glue approach is in my opinion acceptable, but the surface area is clearly inadequate so it failed. It is flearly a latent defect caused perhaps by a design deficiency.

The panel new assembly costs approximately $150 plus cost to paint to match body color (+ $100). My model is an early production unit. I don't know where the unit was produced. The car has 33,000 miles so it is slightly out of warranty.

I have enjoyed all the features of the Connect including its performance. There have been a few glitches but nothing really serious until this issue occurred. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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