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I have an automatic trans and often it locks in one certain gear and the display says transmission malfunction and slip indicator and check engine light comes.
Codes i get is P1719 - Engine torque signal and U0401 - Invaild data received from ECM/PCM.
I also have a few other codes and a non working instrument cluster from time to time.
the other codes i have is:
B1A79 - rear for lamp circuit
B11BC - Extended Accessory relay
B113D - sunroof global open/close control (EVEN THO I HAVE NO SUNROOF)
B10EF - Sunroof speed output
P1335 - EGR Position sensor minimum stop preformance
P2263 - Turbo/super charger boost system performance.

thank you for any help.

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Almost sounds like your PCM is gone. Your codes are so random, it's tough to make any sense of them. Might be worth seeing if a dealership can reflash it.
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