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A while back I posted a wiring diagram for fitting a trip computer to an EA. I forget who it was for, but I need it again! Anyone with any info (Acid, i think i gave it to you?) please post, I hear madeas will give sexual favours for information...



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hehehe, i couldn't resist the opportunity for sexual favours from madeas... :) j/k

jbolger, i can't remember if this is from you or not, but this is what i used to wire up my trip computer (i know it's not strictly a diagram, but it's the best i've got)

Looking at the front of the connector to the trip computer with latch up top from left to right.
..Pin 1 BLACK to ground,ground located in clock connector which is clipped into the trip-computer blank. Has 4 wires going to it.
..Pin 2 GREEN with VIOLET fuel injection feed,located at ECU (green/yellow i think) .Second pin up is black (ground)
...Pin 3 BLACK with WHITE wire to LCD dimmer doesn't work anyway don't connect it. (only for fairmont)
..Pin 4 YELLOW with BLACK goes to battery power,yellow wire at boot release. (theres a wire behind the clock for this).
..Pin 5 YELLOW with GREEN wire fuel gauge signal.Big yellow connector behind instrument cluster goes to yellow and green wire.
..Pin 6 BLACK ground vehicle earth,other balck wire at connector behind trip computer blank.
..Pin 7(under pin 1) RED OR WHITE to white behind cluster not red as this is the return wire.
..Pin 8 RED with GREEN ignition power 15 amp fused,same small black connector with 4 wires behind trip computer blank.
..Pin 9 Spare.
..Pin 10 BROWN wire park lamps goes to demister switch 12v supply when lights on. (i thought there was one at the clock, there wasnt. use the one from the wagon's wiper switch, which is unused in the EA, and is a whiteish bigger connector).
..Pin 11 WHITE and BLACK buzzer.Only cars that have this is Fairlane and Ghias, they hook to the dash. it should go off when the lights are left on ignition off and when fuel is low it will beep at 80km to empty 60 to empty,40km to empty and 20km.The trip computer has its own internal buzzer and uses B+ and signals from the speedo and ignition to calculate the buzz.A real bonus when it was not meant to work.
..Pin 12 Spare.

Hope this helps,

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Thats ok,

That would be me who gave you that typed wiring diagram, looks like it worked ok,the hardest part was remembering where I tapped into the loom.Glad it could help you out and looks like others as well.

CYA Lukey.

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Sexual favors?

Gee pushing it, ill see wot i can do with the favors :)

Yea that the post i found but the loom has totally diff colours, but im assuming the pin numbers are the same so ill work it out. The only other thing that would help the exisiting wires that are there are Blue/white, brown, black and red/green. This is in the existing loom. now im assuming black ground, red/green is acc, so is power blue? i could figure it out but i dont have a god dam multimeter!

any help would be good guys

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