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My 83 is making a clunking noise from the front end when making a sharp turn. I had my mechanic look at it and he couldn't detect anything majorly wrong.

I found that TSB #962315 (11/96) addresses this issue. How do I find out what this TSB actually says? I found the website that will let me read it for $24.95 but was wondering if this was info was available elsewhere....


'83 Big Bronco, mostly stock except 4xHolley

AllData is worth the money...

I tried out this service and immediately bought it for my F250 as well as my Bronco. They are 87 and 88 respectively and the data in this site is GOLD man, I mean GOLD man. Check it out.

Otherwise, the government agency that does the safety thing, NHTSA, has a database that sometimes works and others it doesn't They track all of the TSB's as well as recalls. You can get the info there I am pretty sure.

Good Luck.


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A "clunking" noise may be heard from the upper and lower ball joints on some vehicles. This may be due to early wear of the joints caused by entry of water and contamination into the ball area.

Replace the ball joints with a new integral seal design ball joint. Refer to the Application Chart for correct part usage. The new ball joint should reduce the possibility of moisture and contamination into the ball joint. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for removal and installation procedures.
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