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Hi everyone! My name is Tyler and 2 summers ago i purchased a 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. It has the 2.3l turbo 4 cyl (like you didnt know) with the 5spd T5. I'm quite pleased with the car.. makes a few of those kids with the hondas take a second look when i pass them : ). But nearing the end of the summer i was having a harder time trying to show up those imports due to the fact that 90% of them are turbo charged and they weight half of what my car weighs, and i was just curious if anyone had any mods or suggestions for me. I have removed the Catalytic converter (thank god i live in Alberta), Adjusted the TPS, and played with the VAF sensor, K&N filter, and i am trying to make a velosity tube, but so far unsuccessful. Im 20 y/o and like most 20 y/o's I don't have alot of funds, but on the plus side i work at a parts store so if anyone has some suggestions or mods that they have already done PLEASE message me back on here or on ICQ my number is 9705024. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks a bunch,
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