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hi guys,

just about finished my new turbo manifold project, all thats left to do is the wastegate outlet pipe, this is designed to fit a 35/40 and a turbosmart 48mm progate onto my eb.

it features a laser cut head flange, 11/4 steampipe bends and pipe, a full flow collector (each runner has an unobstucted path through the flange) tig welded, collector pipes/collector to turbo flange joins/head flange joins are all welded inside and out to prevent cracking, stainless steel thread inserts on the turbo flange threads, equal length runners to within 90mm, has a heap of room for the oil drain pipe, fitted with a turbosmart 48mm flange.

we are making these to sell if anyone is interested, to make it viable for us to make them, we need to sell it for around $800. we can do a good deal on a turbosmart wastegate to suit it, or anything else turbosmart for that matter...

Greenslade Engineering

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