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Twin Turbo XR8 Ute

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I thought I would just tell everyone that the new Zoom mag has a Twin Turbo XR8 ute in it for anyone who cares. The ute is on the front cover so its easy to find.
It has about 500hp, pretty conservative I think but it is street driven.:mad3:
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The bloke reckons that he's about to put a Herrod stroker in it with even bigger turbos!
The same light blue twin turbo ute Street Machine featured at least six months ago? (Had it on the cover as well.) :confused:

The upgrade sounds very nice. :evil:
Speaking of HOT UTES, coming home from work tonight, I pass Courtney and Paterson in Heidelberg, what do they have on the floor, the VENOM Ute:cool: Damn great looking Ute...
Guys, how does a 1300Hp Twin Turbocharged 351W powered, steet driven Mustang sound?:D:D:D

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That light blue ute was an XF running twin Toyota superchargers on a 351 clevo I think. The ute we're talking about is a black AU1 XR8. That stang sure looks tasty!
Yeah me got the article from Zoom, what i particularly like is the engine bay looks very tidy almost factory like.
540Kw is always a handy bit of power :D :D :D :D :D

BTW did anyone get the other Zoom mag that came with it. It had the article of the workhorse wakeup, the XG ute has got 200kw at the wheels with twin turbo on the str8 six.
This article gives me an idea to work up a six but with a single turbo (much easier plumbing) perhaps a T28 turbo. But instead of getting full boost at 1600rpm i'll make it spool up at higher revs.

I think DK has an interest in this kind of project as well. ;) ;) ;)
EF_Falcon_GuY said:

I think DK has an interest in this kind of project as well. ;) ;) ;)
DK does have an interest in they type of project but he's also thinkin of putting an XR8 engine in his XF ;) :D
Hehehehehe Well heres an idea, get pete to swap parts out of the te50 and put in in your XF and put the 4.1 engine into the te50, noooo one will notice. :D :D :D :D :D

one a serious note, i've seen quite a few XF's with V8's in them and given the shape of the car the low wide look it kinda needs a V8.
Yeah i've seen a couple too, but mine will be a total sleeper...
You'd know what I mean if you had seen it ;)
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