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So A fellow MIPOCer and a bunch of his friends, and I were coming home from the street races last night.
we're messing around racing each other for a few seconds at a time, when I see a 3rd gen Supra Turbo.
I give him quite a few blips of the throttle, but he doesn't want to run. Then I notice a set of headlights ON MY ASS!
I speed up and change lanes, then the car pulls up next to me... a '94 or '95 Stealth R/T TT!!!!

Dunno why, but I rev at him:D, he revs back, and we hit it at the same exact time (45mph)!

We stayed DEAD EVEN with each other! I couldn't believe it, and I'm sure he was thinking ":wtf:" hehe:D

We went up to 100ish (I think it was higher, but I wasn't watching the speedo), then had to shut down because of a light, plus I had to turn and get on the freeway.

He gives me a :tup: and I return it. Glad to send another person on his way with a new respect for PGTs:cool:
Jon White (MIPOCer) gets up next to me and I think he was kinda in awe:D

Now if we had raced from a stop... he would've taken me good:eek: AWD rocks like that

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Those Stealths are pretty darn heavy. I borrowed a drive in one to autocross while the PGT was stuck in the shop. I was kind of underwhelmed. While I know that I didn't get a handle on the turbo lag or the 4WS, I wasn't impressed.

I could have done better in the PSE there.

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We were going straight:D

I know that they are heavy, my cousin's weighed in at ~4000lbs

But they are still quick (320hp stock, does that). I'm going back to the street races tonight, hopefully that guy will be there and I can see what, if anything, he has done to his car.

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Thanks guys for finally bringing this forum alive:D

Just be careful out there during the street races, I don't want to read about a wrecked probe on here or worse.
Have fun, stay safe :thumbup:
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