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Blue Oval Bond? Agent 007 To Drive a Ford in Casino Royale Remake

Inside Line

Not a Q ship: Ford's Mondeo goes to product-placement heaven as one of the conveyances of James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale.

LONDON — The Ford Motor Company reportedly is paying producers of the upcoming James Bond movie Casino Royale about $24 million to get the secret agent into one of its family vehicles: the European Ford Mondeo.

"Moviegoers will see Bond using the car for chases and picking up girls," reported The Sun, a London tabloid.

At the same time, Aston Martin — a subsidiary of Ford — announced that Bond will also drive one of its models in Casino Royale, which is due to be released in November by MGM/Sony. Daniel Craig, who will play Bond in the film, recently toured Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire, to check out the car.

Bond's association with Aston Martin began in 1964 with the film Goldfinger, when his DB5 was fitted with optional extras such as ejector seats and rockets. The latest Bond film, Die Another Day, featured the Aston Martin Vanquish.

What this means to you: Bond apparently becomes a two-car man in the upcoming film, with one grocery-getter and one babe magnet.
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